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Born in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, Magda Ivette Torres has more than 28 years of combined professional experience in journalism (print, radio and television), public relations, government, teaching and community affairs. Her work experience began after she graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington, while also pursuing a Law Degree at Pontific Catholic University PR, Law School. Torres worked for WOLE-TV, WLEO-AM, WISO-AM, WEUC-FM, City of Ponce, La Perla del Sur Newspaper, EFE News Agency, Inter American University, Legal Aide to the President of the Senate of Puerto Rico, Communications Manager and Spokesperson island wide for Browning Ferris Industries and Intel Puerto Rico. She also worked as a communication consultant for The Puerto Rico’s Bar Association. In Orlando, Florida, Magda Ivette works as a freelance news producer, editor, journalist and news analyst. Since 2003, she hosts the “En Agenda” talk show (news analysis program) which airs Mondays through Fridays from 1:00 to 4:00 at Fantastica 1440 AM in Orlando. Magda Ivette Torres, was honored by the Chamber of Commerce of Southern Puerto Rico with the "Rafael L.Torres Excellence in Journalism Award". Also, La Casa de Puerto Rico of Orlando awarded her the Coqui de Oro and the Top Founder’s Manuel “Manny” Martinez Award, for her journalistic excellence informing the community. Torres has been also recognized by important organizations and government agencies for her public education through different radio programs.


Other awards and recognition

2012 Casa de Puerto Rico – The Manuel “Manny” Martínez, Founder Top Award
2012 Tu Revista Mujer – Journalism Excellence Recognition, Orlando, FL
2009 HAPWA – Excelence in Journalism Award, Orlando, FL
2009 La Prensa Newspaper Award – Excelence in Radio Media, Orlando, FL
2008 Coquí de Oro Press Award – Orlando, Florida - Casa de Puerto Rico Association
Distinguished Member, 2008-09, Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce of Central Florida
2007 Convocatoria de Mujeres Hispanas Award, Orlando, FL
PR House and Senate’s Recognition for Excellence and Professional Legislative Work (1998-99)
Distinguished Woman of the Southern Region of PR (1999)
Director of the Year, Chamber of Commerce of South PR (1993)
Rafael L. Torres Excellence in Journalism Award, Chamber of Commerce of Southern PR, (1992)
Press Award, American Women’s Union, Ponce, PR (1990 and 1989)
And Excellence in Journalism, (1990)
Press Award, Civic Ladies Association (1989)



WOLE TV – Aguadilla, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
WLEO –AM - Ponce, Puerto Rico
WEUC –FM - Ponce, Puerto Rico
Fantastica 1440 AM – Orlando, Florida
VIVA 1160 AM – Orlando, Florida
Latina 1580 AM – Orlando, Florida
Spots recordings for various festivals, special events and political campaigns

MAGDA IVETTE TORRES … Building Community

Magda Ivette Torres compromise with her community has been that Hispanic voters get every day the most complete information so they can make an informed vote. In more than her six years of daily programming, Magda Ivette spends more than 70 percent of her four hours show to analyze local, state, national and international news. This effort has been recognize be her public as the best information tool to determine their vote.


Since she started her radio show in Orlando, she developed a special education series with Dr. Terri Fine, from the UCF Political Sciences Department, to get her audience acquainted about local, state and federal government operations. Also, how political parties and the elections process work.

Throughout the years and regarding the community, Magda Ivette collaborates with different organizations and public service institutions to inform the audience about their services and provide solutions to community problems.

Daily, she receives calls from many citizens looking for assistance with different situations. She provides them with:

Orientations on how government agencies work and how they can contact them.

She writes and assists Hispanics with letters and translations in different agencies, such as court hearings, among other agencies.

Helps citizens facing problems with Home Owners Associations.

Assists people with special needs to get help such as, police assistance medical care, medicines, food and shelter, among others.

Assists farm, service and construction workers on how and where they can claim their rights if they’re owed paychecks, among other situations.

She has helped Hispanic workers in other states, including Florida, to leave employers that are having serious unfair work practices, by providing for them to leave the place with sponsored transportation, shelter and relocation to Puerto Rico or Florida. (Ex: Panama City and Missouri Cases)

During Christmas time, she offers, specially to women, the opportunity to promote in her show, that they announce special dishes they prepare at home, so they can sell them and make some money for special Christmas needs.

During Christmas time she has celebrated a “Three Kings Promesa” (Promise), to promote this cultural Puertorrican celebration among Hispanics in Central Florida.

She continuously get involved, promotes and collaborates with different nonprofit organizations announcing their fund raising activities, health fairs, commerce and employment activities, church drives and voter registration activities among Hispanics.

As a news analyst and journalist, she collaborates in political forums and debates as a panel member of the press or moderator.

Torres promotes among her audience the integration of the different Hispanic nationalities, discussing almost daily important information of all Latin America countries, regarding their history, geography, social issues and politics. Also she promotes the integration of the Hispanics to the United States society.

Magda Ivette Torres, always feels grateful to her audience, community leaders, elected officials and public officials that support her programming with their interviews and interventions in her show. All of them made of EN AGENDA NEWS ANALYSIS TALK SHOW, and FANTASTICA 1440 AM Radio Station, the top number one news analysis show in all Central Florida.



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222 Hazard St., Orlando Florida 32804
Para llamadas en vivo 407-841-1440
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